These demand generation strategies are evergreen and work brilliant for any high ticket B2B business.

We already have deployed these strategies with over 50 brands.  It works!

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Customer Testimonials

Danielle McKinley

If you want to grow your business and develop a personal brand look no further. Matthew is the best of the best. I’ve increased productivity, made connections faster, and gained more time by utilizing Matthew’s 1 hour a month strategy. Matthew has mastered the art of selling and his overall business knowledge is impressive. When you work with Automation Wolf you gain so much more than branding. I highly recommend working with Matthew and his team.

Tim Kilroy
Agency Coach
Tim Kilroy - Agency Growth Coaching

Holy Guacamole.
Matt & his team have B2B content creation down to a science. You are taken through a thorough onboarding process…then everything else is easy. You show up on a Zoom call for an hour, and all of a sudden all this stuff is being produced. Video, images, polls, challenging questions…

The impact of working with AutomationWolf is profound

Martin Perron

Matthew is the real deal.

He helped us develop unique sales strategies and really unlock the potential of sales automation.

Not only does he provide innovative tools but he also brings a refreshing methodology and system that drives results.

He’s generous with providing advice, content and insights that provide tremendous value.

If you’re looking to work with Matt, you won’t regret it.

Rony Hay
Klout Consulting

Matthew is a marketing genius. I haven’t worked with anyone more pleasurable.

He really knows his stuff and will change the way you look at business and life.

He keeps you focused and gives you practical advice.

Can’t recommend him enough.

Daniel Rondeau

Matt was absolutely instrumental in helping our company find product-market fit.

Without him it would have taken MONTHS of work and frustration.

What he has built at Automation Wolf is truly incredible and I recommend it to any start-up founder looking to grow their business.

Hayato Nakamura
Lead Control Media

I WANTED TO STOP STRUGGLING. And I did. That’s where I was when I started to work with Matt.

You know what you know, but he knows more – and most importantly, he knows what you NEED to know to get ahead from where you are now.

It’s not theory you need because you already got that on Youtube. It’s not the exposure you need because you already know people who have “made it.” Rather, it’s the targeted guidance that you need which only comes from spending over a decade in the trenches. That’s what he provided me to free me up to focus on EXECUTING rather than TRYING AND WONDERING.

My processes have been improved, my audience better refined, the offer enriched … and it keeps happening on these short calls.

He doesn’t need all day, nor do you want someone who is going to take all day to discern what you need to move forward. Why struggle if you don’t have to?

Jordon Choo
Managing Partner

I had the opportunity to go through the Automation Wolf program and the material was fantastic and has helped transform the way my agency approaches sales and marketing.

What I found even more valuable were the numerous conversations that I had with Matthew throughout the entire process.

His deep insights and years of experience are what truly made the difference not just when it came to sales but, also from an operational and mindset standpoint. If you’re looking for a reliable program to systematically grow your agency in a scalable and repeatable process, I cannot recommend Matthew more.

Paul FitzGerald
Director & Founder
Decision Point 1

Matt really gets B2B and he challenges all the widely held beliefs about drowning the market in content, messaging, lead magnets and more.

His Automation Wolf course is a revelation! Quite rightly, he focuses on the essentials of strategy and high-return promotion, avoiding a huge waste of time and money in pointless and unproductive channels (think Facebook).

It’s clear that not only has Matt got years of experience, he also has rare insight – truly understanding the B2B thinking and buying processes. In an hour-long call with Matt, he really opened my eyes to possibilities and quickly identified the key drivers for our business.

Matt is a lovely, genuine, talented guy and is highly recommended!

Caleb Clark
Hook & Ladder

I have worked with Matt for most of 2019 and now into 2020.

He has been a rock of inspiration and guidance since day 1. Matt’s support and leadership throughout the COVID-19 disaster has been instrumental in our team’s ability to ride the wave and thrive.

Matt keeps things very simple, he talks in language you can relate to and understand and he is always looking to add value with no expectation of return.

Matt’s tips, ideas, strategies and guiding principles are all well researched, thoughtful and not surface level.

I highly recommend jumping into his eco-system because regardless of where you’re at with your business, there’s value at all price points and levels of time commitment.

Even just his free content (of which there’s tons) will add a lot of value for you and your business. Love the Wolf!

Raza Imam

Matthew is the best coach I’ve ever had.

His methods are brutally effective and he’s as kind and friendly as can be.

He’s supportive and encouraging and gave me the confidence to aggressively grow my business.

I’m getting 2-5 people contacting me per day based on his methods, and I haven’t even done everything he’s shown me yet.

Working with him has changed my business forever.

I’ll soon be getting 50-100 qualified prospects reaching out to me per month – all thanks to his system.

Darren Shaw

Matt and Edyta of Automation Wolf were absolutely amazing to work with on our virtual summit. There are so many details to figure out and manage with a summit, and they were there to guide us the whole way. They thought of everything and made sure we had an extremely well-organized summit that was a huge success. We were able to attract over 5,700 attendees to our summit and the feedback we received from our audience has been phenomenal. We couldn’t have done it without them, and we’re thrilled with how it all turned out. We’ll be working with them on many future events.

William Obiana
Digital Growth Manager

I can even believe how much growth has happened over the past 14 days. Because of Matt, I have acquired an automated process for both brand management that helps my startup as well really cool friends along the way. I definitely recommend you check him out

Aaron Price

Matthew has mastered a marketing strategy centered around building a personal brand + targeting professionals. I can’t recommend enough reaching out to see if this approach will work for you.

Highlights of working with Matthew:

– He is forthright and direct – he will never hold back or sugar coat his opinions

– He cares about creating value above selling his services – if what he offers will not work for you, he will be the first to flag it

– He understands the ins and outs of everything he recommends – because he has tried and tested everything himself

– AutomationWolf is a well-oiled machine that delivers on all promises – he has built an amazing team around him to deliver his vision for clients

Paul Higgins
Coach & Consultant

Matt helped me turn around my business – isn’t that everything you want in a coach?

Matt has extensive experience in running his own digital marketing agency and has participated in high-end masterminds.

He has created practical frameworks leveraging this experience which are hard to develop, but easy to implement.

If you want to stand out in a crowded market and get your potential clients to like, know and trust you – Matt is your person.

Chelsea Craig
Rhino Reviews

This service is AMAZING! Matthew and his team make producing quality content a breeze! After telling myself I would make my own videos for over a year, I finally gave up and began working with Automation Wolf and wished I jumped the gun earlier.
The questions they are are insightful, he understands your target audience and what/how they need to hear things, and it gets done! As a business owner, time is money and Matthew works to optimize your time and truly gets everything done in less than 1.5 hours per month.

After about 3 months of consistently posting, I am constantly hearing  “How do you do it all?”, “Great and helpful videos” – all to Automation Wolf’s credit!

James Conrad

Matt and the team are top notch. They understand how to build relationships that lead to growth. Most importantly for me is that they make it so EASY. Matt gets that time is short and he makes everyone step of the, process easy for me to execute. In over 25 years I don’t think I’ve ever worked with an agency that is so easy to work with.

Tom Collver

What can I say about Matt!? He found us and from the first interaction to our first call to our first moment working together, he’s been a gift.

He is open, cheerful, helpful, and always looking to add to your life and give of himself and his ideas.

He has equally encouraged and challenged; supported and lead. He has shown results in only 3 months and I would recommend him to anyone looking to grow their sales pipeline (and just better understand what matters to them).

Lindsay Smith
Lindsay Smith
Chief Strategy Officer
Title Alliance

Matt and his team at Automation Wolf have done a remarkable job creating and managing B2B content for me. As someone who travels 50% of the time, I don’t have the capacity to film; edit and post daily. Matt’s process is seamless. I spend an hour a month talking about things that are important to me and his wizardry creates videos; posts and quotes that are authentic to me and then posts them for me so that while I’m on the road my content continues. I’m very happy with what he does and how he does it.

mitchell callahan.
Mitchell Callahan

I can confidently say: I’ve learned more in the first few sessions, than I did from consultants whom I paid over 10k for intensive workshops.

The videos take very important concepts, such as defining your market, your brand story and “signature process”, all of which can be complicated and time consuming to deliver, and packages them into easy to use worksheets that produce quick outcomes.

Honestly, these tools kind of blew my mind, and they showed me how some obstacles can be quickly solved, and scaled.

As the icing on top, its obvious Matt speaks from experience. He’s well on the pulse of digital outreach and sales.

If you find yourself in a position where you’re asking if you should take is advice: you probably should.

Sam Shepler
Testimonial Hero

Matthew brings a wealth of experience in B2B sales and marketing that actually works in this day and age.

He has a remarkable ability to tap into a deep sense of empathy and understand things from your customer’s perspective.

Couple this with seriously effective processes and strategies, and battle-tested methodology, and his approach with Automation Wolf is second to none.

I’d highly recommend the Automation Wolf process and Methodology to any B2B entrepreneur out there who wants to grow their business with direct outreach, yet still in a conscious and empathetic way.

Matthew finds that balance, which to be honest, isn’t easy. But he does it extremely well.

Connor Thies
Director of Marketing

Matt, we really appreciate your training and, on top of that, the personal consulting.

Sharing your vast experience and knowledge in the business, branding, and marketing arena is taking us to the next level sooner than we ever expected!

Steven Grady
Fractional CMO
Authentic Brand

I am a super-satisfied user of Matthew’s Ultimate B2B Sales Machine course.

His course is very well structured and has deep well-documented content.

Matthew is very engaging on camera and he makes his points clearly and succinctly.

The information is actionable and you can set-up the AI-based solutions he lays out on your own.

There are lots of great swipe files that I am using currently with success.

I know my business will grow using Matthew’s insights and instruction.

Carlos Acuña

I love Matthew’s “Ultimate B2B Sales Machine”!!! I can’t speak highly enough of the program and Matthew as a mentor and human being.

His videos are completely clear and easy to go through. He gives all the content as simple as it can be, but not simpler.

There’s a lot of insight in the course, and he gives great, actionable material.

I believe this is one of the best investments I have made, totally recommend Matthew and the Ultimate B2B Sales Machine

Kira Callahan

Matt’s service has cracked open a wealth of high quality connections and leads for me.

I’ve more than doubled my network in just a few months. For someone running a small company, lead generation is an essential service, but making time for it has been a ‘forever challenge’ that I struggled with.

It’s a huge comfort to have that process automated in a way that is respectful and reflective of my commitment to strong relationships.

I now consider this service essential to my business growth goals.

Salik Muhammad
Leading Edge SEO

Matthew’s program Automation Wolf has been one of the best things to happen to my business.

Because of his simple system and amazing customized email sequences, I have been able to get more leads and closed deals than ever before!

Thank you for all that you have done for my business, Matthew!

Peter Green

Matthew’s knowledge of current lead generation and sales techniques is considerable.

His insights into the sales process and techniques for effective customer outreach are illuminating and inspiring.

Always fun to work with, Matthew is conscientious, thorough and professional in his approach.

I 100% recommend him to anyone wanting to learn about effective, up-to-date sales techniques, tune-up or re-work their sales process.

Mikael Dia

Matthew’s not only a great marketer and entrepreneur, but also an incredible friend.

He’s helped me navigate decisions and implement strategies that have taken my business and mindset to another level.

Dan Coughlin
Get Hyped

My agency has used Matt’s personal branding services for our Founder for over a year. Before meeting Matt, we were trying to do everything ourselves and it just wasn’t working out. We weren’t consistent with our content, when we did post it was time-consuming, and the process was causing headaches internally. Matt’s team delivered exactly what we were looking for – B2B demand generation and personal branding and growth with a minimum time commitment. As soon as we launched with Matt, the preparation and experience that him and his team have was immediately apparent. They were organized and came prepared with a detailed framework for a custom growth strategy. I highly recommend Matt’s services to anyone who’s looking to position themselves as an expert in their field and grow their personal brand.

Peter Lount
Cashflow Canucks

Matt is THE EXPERT that every B2B brand needs to build an audience and get consistent qualified leads. Matt has designed a signature system that is so EASY to understand and implement that allows me time to work on my business in other capacities.

Through the process of working through Matt’s system, it enabled me to have much more targeted outreach to my ideal audience. Learning, Simplifying & Refining & Repeat. For B2B brands, Matt’s system is a MUST!

Arthur Freydin
Tandem Growth

Matt is a FANTASTIC resource when it comes to personal branding and marketing. He has been instrumental in helping me craft my personal messaging as well as for my various endeavors over the years. I would absolutely recommend Matt and his team to anyone looking to propel their business & personal messaging.

Andrew Murdoch
Founder, CEO

Matthew’s no-nonsense approach is refreshing and just “makes sense”. He brings a simple and effective game plan to marketing and sales. I’ve enjoyed every interaction that I’ve been lucky to have with him. He knows how to drill down to reveal the real problems and more importantly, the right answers.

David Mason
Founder, CEO
All The CRM

I cannot laud the praises of Matthew Hunt enough.

I’m not being dramatic.

Matthew is an absolute, world-class expert at Demand Gen strategy, Automation, Business Systems, Team Management, and Agency Consulting.

I’ve been in Matthew’s circle for 2 years now.

He never disappoints.

As a founder and busy entrepreneur, if there is ONE CALL per month I never want to miss and am always sure to attend, it is my call with Mathew.

He’s done the heavy lifting.

His background and results speak for themselves.

If you’re sitting on the fence about working with Matthew, do not sit there long.

I trust all the advice and teaching he gives, and when I apply what I’ve leaned, I see results in by business and in my life.

It’s been an absolute honor being able to learn and receive from someone so dialed into his zone of genius.

Kristina Coughlin
Get Hyped

Matthew knows his stuff. Not only is he super knowledgeable when it comes to B2B brand building, but with building multiple successful agencies himself – he’s always offering insightful value on what he’s learned over the years and pushing agency owners to the next level. He’s a great guy, honest and transparent – what any client would look for in an agency partner.

Brittany Madden
Leverage Digital Design

If you want your business to grow, work with Matthew Hunt. I’ve done many courses, coaches, and workshops, but none of that clarified my business objectives and grew my company faster than Matthew’s method. If you want a systemized, fool-proof approach to growing a business you love running, then get connected with Matthew and get to work!

Justin Goodhew

Matt offers an essential service for any startup that needs to bring in leads for their new product fast.

Literally 2 days after I signed up with Matt the automated lead engine was rolling, in 2 months I was able to hire another salesperson and they booked their first demo in a week after starting by using Matt’s system.

If you are trying to grow your startup and need leads Matt and the Automation Wolf software is the place to start. Highly recommended.

adam revesz.
Adam Revesz

I had the classic feast and famine experience in my business, that was until I implemented the Automation Wolf program with Matthew.

Now I have consistent leads coming in every single month, week, and day. I’ve closed several deals and it feels great to have predictable revenue in my business.

I highly recommend anyone who has a B2B business and wants to scale their sales to check out Matthew’s program.

Jayson C. Lowe
Ascendant Financial

Matthew is clearly an expert in his field. From our very first interaction, I knew that I would either end up working with or collaborating with Matthew. Turns out, we’re doing both.

As a busy CEO, leading inside a growing company, I appreciate that Matthew’s system and process takes most of the work involved to implement his recommendations off my plate.

Matt explains his methods and recommendations in a simple, easy to understand manner and the fact is, it works.

I wholeheartedly recommend to you, his expertise.

Max Braden

Matt is a master in online marketing and automation. We’ve been working with Matt for years, and if you’re looking to automate your outbound marketing or improve your brand exposure, I would highly recommend working with Matt

Mark A. Coudray
Coudray Serigraphics

I’ve had a chance to go through your Automation Wolf Demand Gen processes.

I’ve done a ton of courses over the years and worked with just about everyone in the IM space including Jeff Walker, Frank Kern, Kevin Nations, Ryan Deiss, and Russel Brunson. You have an absolutely amazing course.

I can guarantee you that 99% of the people that buy it won’t appreciate the depth and subtlety you have included.

I am beginning to apply the practices you teach and am seeing an immediate positive response.

This is a strong addition to our lead generation strategies that really works. Great job.

Anthony Owens
Blue Hair Digital

I’ve recently gone through Matthew’s Automation Wolf course and can honestly say I was blown away by it.

The depth and detail of the course is amazing and I am looking forward to fully implementing everything.

Matthew then reached out and gave me an hour of his time to help me with a few things which was a great bonus as he has so much knowledge.

Would highly recommend Matthew and he is a nice guy as well:)

Agustin Lebron
Essilen Research

Matthew’s B2B marketing system is hands-down the best process I’ve seen for companies like ours.

I’ve talked to a lot of marketing agencies, and the problem is that so many of them focus on the small stuff. SEO, paid ads, etc.

When I ask them “why are are doing this” the answer is “because that’s what you do”.

Matt is completely different. His process taught us how to think about marketing strategically: what to think about, what’s important, what’s not, and why. Armed with this deep strategic understanding, his process helped us a marketing plan that made sense for us. It’s been a huge win for our business.

The level of detail and the amount of information in his program are phenomenal. Not only that, but Matt is incredibly accessible and answers questions thoughtfully and with real care.

If you have a small B2B business, it’s hard for me to imagine a better partner than Matt.

Andrew Sorlie
Creative Director & Partner
Stature Films

Big fan of Matthew and the Automation Wolf program!

I have already referred him to several colleagues and will continue.

We’ve seen way more conversations started since working with him and the team. 

Frank Zinni
VP of Sales

Matthew has developed a wonderful solution set for any business developer seeking to fill their pipeline, build relationships and manage their daily, weekly and monthly activities.

Over the past several months I’ve significantly expanded my online relationship base, added several new business partners and improved my sales conversion rate.

The real added bonus is that you get to work with Matthew, who is experienced, passionate and kind in how he works with you, encourages you and builds a solution that matches your needs. It’s been a gift to get to know Matthew and a real benefit to my business to use his tools and experience to drive my business forward.

Mike Grantis
Sr. Director of Business Development

Matthew has been an incredible resource both for BarterPay and for myself personally. He built our Toronto outreach program and was a key factor in growing our Toronto community 4x in the span of a year. Matthew has also been a great mentor with respect to asset development, career road-mapping and big picture thinking.

Ken Okonek
Beacon Media

Matthew has been incredibly impactful on my perspective on how to grow and scale our Marketing business both in our digital strategy in demand gen but overall our process and procedures. Forever grateful.

Jessica Morgan
Tiny Wizard Studio

I’ve been working with Matt and his team for around 6 months now and I HAVE SO MUCH MORE TIME ON MY HANDS! As a busy CEO, leading a team and trying to build a personal brand, I was struggling to find time and inspiration to film, edit and post snackable content for my social channels. Matt and his team made it all so easy and enjoyable. Knowing all I have to give is an hour of my time a month and that all my content is curated, edited, and posted for me has been amazing. Matt is also a fountain of valuable knowledge of building businesses so if you’re lucky enough to bend his ear, I definitely would take that opportunity.

Adam Steele

Matthew and team’s Automation Wolf have made creating content for personal brand as easy as can be. It’s one of the few meetings (we meet for an hour monthly, they ask questions, video-record my ramblings) I look forward to being a part of. Every team member of his I’ve worked with is lovelier than the next. I’ve had all kinds of compliments about how well done the videos are.

Alex Lowe
Alex Lowe Marketing

As a Digital Agency owner, I’m always looking for ways to connect and engage with senior decision-makers in the B2B space. I found Matthews training on Demand Gen and automated lead generation massively valuable in being able to accomplish this goal. I highly recommend reaching out to him if you want to grow your business.

Max Hansen
Y Scouts

I have been working with Matt and his team for almost a year now. I would highly recommend Matt and the Automation Wolf to anyone that is looking to build their personal/professional brand. They do everything they say they’ll do and more. Without their help, I would definitely not have the time to dedicate to having a REAL presence. It takes consistency and that’s what they bring every week. In addition to doing all the work, it takes to post for me M-F, Matt and his team have also gone out of their way to educate my team and my network on exactly what it takes to build demand.