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Discover How You Can Get 30 Plus High-Quality B2B Leads Every Single Month On Autopilot (Even in a Crisis!)

Watch this video to see how you can automate your sales prospecting for you and your team through AI-assisted technology, so you can build influence and start cherry-picking the very best clients.  Doesn't require any SEO, expensive PPC ads, or complicated marketing funnels. 


Matthew is the real deal. He helped us develop unique sales strategies and really unlock the potential of sales automation.

Not only does he provide innovative tools but he also brings a refreshing methodology and system that drives results. 

He’s generous with providing advice, content and insights that provide tremendous value. If you’re looking to work with Matt, you won’t regret it.

Martin Perron

CEO, Bloom Digital Marketing Agency

What can I say about Matt!? He found us and from the first interaction to our first call to our first moment working together, he's been a gift.

He is open, cheerful, helpful, and always looking to add to your life and give of himself and his ideas. He has equally encouraged and challenged; supported and lead.

He has shown results in only 3 months and I would recommend him to anyone looking to grow their sales pipeline. 

Tom Collver 

Co-Founder, pb+j

Matt offers an essential service for any startup that needs to bring in leads for their new product fast.

Literally 2 days after I signed up with Matt the automated lead engine was rolling, in 2 months I was able to hire another salesperson and they booked their first demo in a week after starting by using Matt's system.

If you are trying to grow your startup and need leads Matt and the Automation Wolf software is the place to start. Highly recommended.

Justin Goodhew

Founder, Trellis.org

Matt was absolutely instrumental in helping our company find product-market fit.

Without him it would have taken MONTHS of work and frustration.

What he has built at Automation Wolf is truly incredible and I recommend it to any start-up founder looking to grow their business.

Daniel Rondeau

CEO, 925Freelancing.com 

I've learned more in the first few sessions of course, than I did from consultants whom I paid over 10k for intensive workshops.

The videos take very important concepts, such as defining your market, your brand story and "signature process", all of which can be complicated and time consuming to deliver, and packages them into easy to use worksheets that produce quick outcomes.

Honestly, these tools kind of blew my mind, and they showed me how some obstacles can be quickly solved, and scaled.

As the icing on top, its obvious Matt speaks from experience. He's well on the pulse of digital outreach and sales.

Mitchell Callahan


I had the classic feast and famine experience in my business, that was until I implemented the Automation Wolf program with Matthew.

Now I have consistent leads coming in every single month, week, and day.

I've closed several deals and it feels great to have predictable revenue in my business.

I highly recommend anyone who has a B2B business and wants to scale their sales to check out Matthew's program.

Adam Revesz

CEO, One Inch Punch Productions

Matt’s service has cracked open a wealth of high quality connections and leads for me.

I’ve more than doubled my network in just a few months. For someone running a small company, lead generation is an essential service, but making time for it has been a ‘forever challenge’ that I struggled with.

It’s a huge comfort to have that process automated in a way that is respectful and reflective of my commitment to strong relationships.

I now consider this service essential to my business growth goals.

Kira Callahan

CEO & Coach, Conversation Gym

Matthew’s program Automation Wolf has been one of the best things to happen to my business.

Because of his simple system and amazing customized email sequences, I have been able to get more leads and closed deals than ever before!

Thank you for all that you have done for my business, Matthew!

Salik Muhammad

CEO, Leading Edge SEO